The world knows John Lennon - The Beatle.

There are numerous bands paying tribute to The Beatles’ music around the world; some touring and widely successful, enchanting fans everywhere. 

After the breakup of The Beatles, John performed live on a handful of occasions but, unlike the other three Beatles, would never have the chance to seriously tour. With the 1980 release of the Double Fantasy album, John and Yoko spoke of going on tour again. He, his family, and his fans were deprived of ever knowing what that would have been like. 

Imagine if John had toured again... 


  John and Yoko were at a new beginning in 1980.

The Love is the Answer concert reflects where Lennon found himself, after years of self exploration, personal tumult, activism, legal issues with The Beatles, threat of deportation from the US, separation from and reuniting with Yoko, the birth of his second son Sean, and his eventual retirement from the spotlight. The 70s were ultimately an enlightening decade for him. From interviews in 1980, Lennon was content with his place in the sun, enjoying and accepting of his domesticity, ready to reengage with the world artistically, and enjoying a new lyrically and musically prolific period.

The 9-piece Plastic Fauxno Band, a John-centric performance offers a perspective of his life and journey during the 1970s, as interpreted through his lyrics and music of those years.  

 Supported by a nostalgic and historically contextual video backdrop, the band’s emotional and exciting 2+ hour performance includes:  

  • #1 Hits: Starting Over, Whatever Gets You Through The Night
  • Intense Songs: Mother, Cold Turkey, Working Class Hero
  • Influential Rockers: Blue Suede Shoes
  • Classic Anthems: Instant Karma, Watching the Wheels, Imagine
  • Songs from The Beatles ...and much more.



The world never had the opportunity to see and hear a full-length concert of John Lennon performing songs from his entire solo catalogue. Plastic Fauxno Band respectfully and energetically brings that concert to the stage.